Library Profile
Maulana Azad College Library was started in the year 1926 when the College started. With an initial grant of Rupees 10,000/- the Library started with 2225 Books.

Now the Library posses 85,000 volumes Books purchased from the Grant received from State Govt. and U.G.C. apart from this there are books donated by Fort Willam College, Presidency College, Kolkata on Urdu, Arabic & Persian and also Books purchased by W.B.C.S. Coaching Centre, Pre-Exam Training Centre etc. Now the total volumes of books comprising of all sections will be about one Lakh and twenty five thousand approx.

We have a section of Manuscripts & Rare Books, which in the considered opinion of Dr. Kalidas Nag, distinguished Orientalist Historian, contribute the best collection of the Books on the Middle East in Bengal and possibly in the whole of India.

Library with all its sections are computerized, cataloguing, OPAC, circulation is done through computer.

The students as well as the teachers get the privilege of the Open Access System to find out their books from the library which is very uncommon in any College in West Bengal. Students, teachers and staff must have to seek clearance certificate from the librarian before leaving this college after study/transfer/retirement.


  • Books - 85,000 Volumes
  • Journals & Periodicals - 29 Titles
  • C.D. Collections - 45
  • Computer - 15


  • Reading Room - 800 sq.ft.
  • Stack Room - 4500 sq.ft.
  • Library Office - 650 sq.ft.

Total Area - 5950 sq.ft.

Budget and Financing:

The financial sources of the Library are mainly grant from the State Govt. and the Grant from University Grant Commission (UGC). The sanctioned grant is proportionately allocated to each department of the College to purchased books.


The preservation work started in this library from 2006-07 with the financial help from National Archives, Govt. of India and also Govt. of West Bengal to preserve the rare documents of the library. A ‘fumigation Chamber’ has been installed in the library and work of ‘Lamination’ is going on in this regards.


The Library posses a large number of books & manuscripts on Urdu, Arabic and Persian. The digitization work has been started to preserves the rare valuable books on C.D.

Future Projection:

  • Proposal has been made for a new library building.
  • Closes Circuit Connection is to be installed to make the Open Access Systems more useful from security point of view.
  • Proposal has been made to introduce Radio Frequency Identification ‘RFID’ system for easy location of books.
  • To introduce ‘detection systems’ for excellent Security of the library.

Number of Books Issued during Last Three Years:


Sri Anjan Kumar Dutta

Librarian (SG)
M.A., M.Lib. Sc.

Sri Biswajit Banerjee

Librarian (SG)
M.A., M.Lib. Sc.


Sri Pradip Kumar Das

Sri Jane Alam

Sri Tapan Gayan

Smt Arati Sardar